Garden Steps

Shoots & Leaves specialise in the design and construction of elegant garden steps. How many times have you arrived at a house to see cracked or worn bitumen seemingly slipping off the steps? Or perhaps even cheap concrete paving slabs laid over the originals?

Shoots & Leaves can restore your steps to their original grandeur or design and implement brand new steps. We use a range of materials to match the design of your garden.

When designing a garden, the use of steps can be a fantastic way of creating an interesting and dynamic composition. It enables level changes and can create depth and allow views to be opened up or blocked.


We like to use a range of materials depending on a variety of factors. We have previously enjoyed using York stone, Portland stone or Sandstone to both treads and risers. Alongside bullnosed or pencil edged in either 38mm, 50mm or bespoke thicknesses.

It is important that the material fits the design of the garden but is also durable and safe! Considering how the steps will be in cold, wet or even icy conditions can be extremely important. The general rule is that steps should have a slight gradient of 1:60 or 1:100. Using cut-off drains across paths and ramps to take away excess water.

Our expert team have years of experience in both restoring and implementing new outdoor steps into your garden. For more information as to why you should choose Shoots & Leaves, click here! You will also find additional services we can provide from garden lighting solutions to artificial grass.

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