Bin Solutions

Our landscaping team can provide innovative design and storage ideas so you can hide your bins and keep your garden looking fresh, modern and clean. Over the years, we have implemented a range of different solutions and can turn a common problem into a professional and discreet area of your garden. It is an issue with are seeing more and more of, particularly when you need numerous bins. Some households have up to 5 bins including recycling and general waste or multi occupancy.

We have a number of bin solutions to keep bins both secure from vermin, tidy and discreet.

Slatted Fencing

Using slatted fencing can often be the perfect solution to hide unsightly items inside the garden. It is relatively quick, easy and cost effective to install. It provides a much cheaper option than the concrete structures and has a nice contemporary look.

Retaining Wall and Fencing

The Shoots and Leaves team can create a storage area design to complement your gardens size and fit with your vision. Delivering an enjoyable garden space whilst hiding the unsightly rubbish bins using contemporary Venetian fencing over a traditional bin store. We can make the entire area user friendly and visually appealing.

Garden Trellis

Trellis is a great way to screen off areas from view because they are cost effective, enhance privacy and very stylish. Often a small number of panels can be used to make a big impact which is why it is so simple to implement and cost effective to introduce.

Please get in touch for additional storage design ideas and bespoke landscape creations. We can provide a solution tailored to your garden and bring your vision to life.

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