Garden Lighting Design

Garden lighting design and installation by Shoots and Leaves. The key to implementing quality and professional looking lighting is all in the planning and design. We have years of experience using the latest state of the art fittings and technology. Our lighting installation experts can provide a high-quality service which includes the design, installation and maintenance of your new garden lighting. Whether you have an urban garden or country mansion we can tailor our service to bring your vision to life.

Different Types of Lighting to Choose from

There are a variety of factors that go into successfully implementing lighting within your garden. Here are some of the key points we consider when it comes to designing and planning a professional looking garden and selecting which type of lighting to implement.

How many features do you have or will you be using? This can include statues, walkways, decking, water features, ponds, rockery, lawn or trees. The size of your garden is an obvious indicator as to how many lights you should have and where to position them. Sometimes less is more, if you try to put too many in a small space you will almost certainly overdo it.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting (mains or low voltage) can give you a year-round extension to your house. Implementing a creative lighting design in your garden can suddenly extend the line of sight right at the end of your property. Subtle, up or down lights can be switched off to make way for night-time or holiday security lighting, motion sensor operated flood lights or dawn to dusk.

Perhaps you require a 240v power socket for your lawnmower or power tools or a light in your outhouse or shed. Cabling can be disguised in beds or along fence lines, RCD protected.

Shadow Lighting Effects 

A simple yet effective technique to highlight features in the garden. Position the lighting at the correct angle to achieve the desired result.

Pathway and driveway lighting 

The addition of pathway lights can help extenuate the edges of the path and illuminate any flowers planted on the edge. We use our expertise to select the plants next to the lighting that are suitable, some plants do not like constant light.

Lighting Water Features

If you have invested in the addition of water features in your garden, then why not make the most of them by bringing them to life at night. By aiming the beam at the water, it will create reflections lighting up the nearby area. You can even invest in colour lighting so they water will appear in any colour you so wish.

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