Professional Turfing Services

Professional turfing services carried out to perfection. The English are well known for their gardens and well known for their lawns. There is something special about a good lawn, the smell of fresh cut grass and the feeling of space that so often goes with it. A lawn can make a wonderful play area for children, it can ‘soften’ the area by injecting some year round colour and yet the preparation is the key to ensuring a successful lawn. Therefore, we take pride in delivering our turfing services and transforming gardens with fresh, long-lasting results.

Should you sow seed or roll turf and which type to use? Shoots & Leaves can advise on all aspects of this and will provide a comprehensive ‘care sheet’ on completion. But first, let us take a look at the step by step process we go through in order to achieve excellence.

The process

Site clearance. Our landscaping experts will always begin with a preliminary site clearance. The key is to ensure there is no unwanted rocks, plants, old turf and vegetation. We can also remove any hard surfaces such as decking and pavement.

Add and level the soil. The next step is to achieve a level surface. Not needed in every case, but soil will be added and levelled using a compactor or lawn mower to reduce the gradient of a slope.

Apply topsoil. A layer of topsoil will be applied to the perfectly levelled ground. This is a mixture of compost, soil and fertiliser for optimum turf roots.

Turf Laying. The turf rolls are distributed without gaps in between rolls to get that uniform lawn look.

Lawn Edge. The edges of the lawn are carefully formed to avoid overlapping with flowers and create the complete professional look.

Lawn Maintenance. We can provide all the necessary tips so you can maintain a perfectly healthy-looking lawn. Our comprehensive care sheet will provide you with all the information you need.

Thinking of installing artificial turf instead of real?

Check out our Artificial Lawn page for more information on the benefits and how we can help.

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