Planting – Soft Landscaping

What is Soft Landscaping?

Soft landscaping refers to the more changeable and living part to your garden. Put simply it is the trees, shrubs, lawn and soil. More often than not, a good planting scheme can be the making of a successful garden project.

Where there is a choice, we prefer to tackle the planting as a secondary part of the project continuing on from the hard landscaping. We find that as the ‘hardscape’ is coming together it is much easier for our clients to visualise what our suggested planting schemes will be.

We advise on which plants you should have and where they would thrive. We install the plants in the best possible conditions with organic composts and will guide you on how to care for and maintain your new garden.

Here are some of the soft landscaping services we can provide:

  • Wildflower planting
  • Hedging
  • Shrub bed renovating
  • Seeding and bulbs
  • Creating garden borders
  • Laying turf
  • Bedling Plants
  • Topsoil and Subsoil

We have worked on a range of soft landscaping projects both large and small. Planting thousands of trees and planting shrubs in commercial projects to smaller unique style gardens. Providing bespoke planting services for our clients is one of our favourite services we provide. Bringing a garden to life with vibrant colour and turning your dream garden into a reality.

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