Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and is now sufficiently realistic that it is only upon close inspection, that one would realise it is not, in fact, real. Not only are there obvious maintenance advantages, but artificial grass complies with modern SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) regulations, returning water run-off to the water table. Although the initial cost of artificial grass installation may be higher than the traditional option, in the long term, it can help you save valuable time and money.

Should you have children that prefer to be outside 24/7, or you are a parent who prefers their children to be outside 24/7, then artificial grass maybe the answer! Fast drying, no mud, no mowing, hard wearing and with an 8 year guarantee. Let us dive deeper into further benefits of using artificial grass.

Allergen Free!

One of the major benefits of artificial grass installation is that it can help reduce the symptoms of hay fever. A benefit that often does not immediately come to mind, yet hay fever effects around 30% of adults and 40% of children throughout the UK. Installing artificial grass can help hay fever sufferers sit out and enjoy the garden during the warmer months.

No more muddy footprints

No matter the weather, your garden will no longer mean mud, mess and grass stains. Artificial grass installed correctly will be completely absorptive.

Safer for Children

Provide a safe environment for your family with a cushioned landing for any little trips or falls. It is child friendly and ideal if you are looking to implement a climbing frame or play area.

Save on garden Equipment and maintenance

Although the initial cost will be higher, you can save time on lawn maintenance and save money on garden equipment.

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Implementing artificial grass is growing in popularity and with the range of benefits it is clear to see why. We can help supply, install or include this as part of a new garden design. For information on pricing and installation, please get in touch and we can provide a quotation for you.