Landscape Garden Decking

Landscape garden decking services carried out by the experienced Shoots & Leaves team. We can provide stunning results whilst keeping the cost down to align with your budget. Our approach is focused on achieving high quality workmanship as well as being friendly and courteous throughout the process.

Timber decking is becoming an extremely popular concept across the UK and a widespread alternative to traditional hard terraces and patios. We think the exterior should be treated as an ‘outside room’, the timber decking is a brilliant way of extending the living space of a building.

Transform Your Garden

Introducing decking can transform the overall look and feel of your garden. It is highly flexible and provides extra social space that’s ideal for children playing, dining, entertaining, or just simply relaxing. Whatever the reasons for creating a deck, it is one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home. We can design an elevated or split-level deck which creates new dimensions to your garden and delivers a unique look.

A natural extension from the house or a stand alone terrace. Introducing decking into the design of your garden can dramatically enhance the overall look and feel. Soft wood or hard wood, all our timber is from sustainably sourced and accredited suppliers. Shoots and Leaves can advise on the types of timber, the durability, finish and specification.

Our decks are built to last. No boards are ever nailed down owing to the difficulty of lifting boards if ever necessary. We can oil the boards, stain them or let them ‘silver down’ naturally over time.

Benefits of Decking

A summary of the benefits of timber decking being introduced into your garden:

  • Provides a safe, comfortable and surface for walking and sitting on
  • Reduce excavation and groundwork preparation
  • It is a low-cost solution
  • High aesthetic appeal that can complement the overall design of your garden
  • Easily modified and extended
  • Low amount of maintenance needed due to its durability

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